Macedonia SW radio

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Macedonia SW radio

Мнениеот MR1 » 06 Юни 2008, 19:12

Peruvian Radio Macedonia with TV sound on 4890 kHz

A protestant broadcaster heard since early February on 4890 kHz shortwave has turned out to be Radio Macedonia, a baptist missionary station from the city of Arequipa in Peru. The station has been heard on 4890 kHz sharp, just below the signal of Peruvian Radio Chota, often logged around 4890.2 kHz. Radio Macedonia has been broadcasting Protestant Christian programming produced by baptist Televisi?n Mundial, a project by Uttermost ministy based in Georgia, US. The construction of the radio station and a related television station were completed in January 2002, with antennas erected in February 2002, but it took about a year to get the radio station on the air. The transmitter power is about 100 watts. Not yet with separate programming, the radio station is simply relaying the audio feed of the TV station.
Radio Macedonia has never been heard to identify on the air, and its identity was revealed only after research done by several DXers, including Bj?rn Malm in Ecuador and Samuel C?ssio, who was the first to catch the signal in Brazil on January 29. Shortly after Henrik Klemetz found a website related to the programming, the name of the broadcaster became known through emails received by Klemetz and Jos? El?as D?az G?mez from Guillermo Gardner, Spanish South American Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions, and his son, Chris Gardner, a pastor for Iglesia Bautista F? and the manager behind the broadcasting project. More about the research on the station can be found in the South America forum. The station can be reached through Ministerio de la Iglesia Bautista Fe, Calle Ugarte 104 - Yanahuara, Arequipa, Peru, tel. +51-54-251562, by email to the church, or by writing to Chris Gardner at Casilla 1677, Arequipa, Peru, or emailing him.

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